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T402G Blazing New Trails

"Scout like a girl!" That is the theme for BSA girls Troop 402G out of Lafayette who hit the ground running, blazing new trails. The newly formed independent girls troop in the BSA Scouting program began in February when the BSA organization opened its doors for girls to join. With the inspiration and tradition of their brother troop 204, the girls embarked on their first five-day, 25-mile backcountry hiking trek in August. They headed out from the Crabtree trailhead, in the Emigrant Wilderness. There were two treks for a total of 26 participants, with 17 Scouts and 9 adults. The older Scouts took charge and lead the treks, teaching them camping, hiking, cooking, and to always have fun with a positive attitude and to enjoy the beauty that surrounds everyone. With all the girls being new Scouts, they didn't have any expectations except to get wild for a while in the wilderness and have an amazing time. Since starting in late February Troop 402 has been an active troop that encourages growth and independence by offering an enriching active outdoor experience. Now that the girls have finished this trek and have the experience and sense of adventure, the girls can't stop talking about next year's adventure. The backcountry hiking trip the Scout program offers really helps to develop the Scouts' sense of confidence like nothing else. For each of these Scouts, boys and girls, to accomplish the mileage, mental fortitude, homesickness and injury - and then come away with the knowledge they can meet any challenge with courage and bravery - creates a sense of confidence like nothing else. Troop 402G meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursday nights at the historic cabin on School Street in Lafayette. If you are interested in joining the Scouting program and are interested in the Troop, please contact Heather Tzortzis, or visit

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