Hello! We are Troop 402!

Hello Neighbor,

We are a community of scouts and their families that are reaching out to our local community to let you know we are here to help you. 


During this time of “shelter in place”, it may not be possible for you or you may not wish to leave home for essential shopping especially not knowing if the items you are looking for are available in the stores.  We would like to offer our volunteer services to anyone in our Lamorinda Community that may need help in:

  1. grocery shopping,

  2. running errands,

  3. picking up a prescription,

  4. helping with an outside chore,

  5. helping you over the phone with online technology to set you up

    1. for video conferencing with family,

    2. online shopping,

    3. prescription mail orders 

  6. or simply checking in on a loved one. 


We have a large scout family that can add your order to their list for when they are shopping for themselves.  We would love to say we could go out on a whim but with respect to the government orders we are taking all precautions and will try to reduce our footprint on our community as well.  We will send a note out to our scouts and see if anyone is out shopping that day and can add your order to theirs.


We have created a form below for you to fill out and let us know if you would like for one of our many families to help.  The information in the form below will be sent to our Scoutmaster Heather Tzortzis who will contact you for assistance.


Depending on your location I will forward your request to one of our troop families to help fulfill your request the best we can.


The scout family will take all necessary health precautions to help deliver your groceries, prescriptions or run an errand.


  • We will try to shop at local stores for our area or extend to Walnut Creek if need be.

  • We will make every effort to find the items on your list that same day and will call if there are any needs for a substitute.  If we can not find the items we will keep trying to find them the next time we are out.

  • We will provide receipts for the items purchased in the bag.

  • We will leave the bags or boxes on your doorstep and call you once we have left to let you know they are there.

  • We would ask that you reimburse the family via non-contact exchange, like venmo or paypal as soon as you receive the products. 

We are not charging for this service.  We consider this a service to the community and are happy to help.  We also believe that this kind of service might help with further reducing the risk of exposure foot print for our community.

I also wanted to give some resources to that you can use to help your shopping needs as well. 

INSTACART.com is accepting orders from many stores and are about a 5 day delivery window they offer many different stores to select from if you so choose.  Please remember to wipe/wash down your plastic bag grocery items or for items that don't need to be refrigerated please leave them in the garage or doorstep for a few days or as long as you can, or wash them down.

PRESCRIPTIONS:  Most pharmacies you are able to sign up for home delivery shipments.  Please contact your pharmacist to set this option up or if you need help over the phone to set up delivery service please let us know if we can help.

Please send us a message below if we can help

About Us

Where, When do we meet

We meet every Thursday 7:30pm at the historic Cabin on School Street.  

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