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Welcome All!

Hello everyone!

I think It's about time we have a blog of some sort to keep up with all of our adventures! I'm a little bit bummed we didn't have this sooner to record things like our first camp out and camporee and what not, but I'm so very glad we can now record our upcoming adventures!

First things first, I would like to talk about how incredibly proud I am of all of our girls for working so hard in our troop. I know it was a big hustle to work out camporee and get going, but I am extremely happy with how everyone worked hard to catch up to the boys as well as figure out how our troop is going to work. Secondly, I want to state my hope for this blog. As most of you know, most troops have a historian, a role in which someone is in charge of recording events and things that the troop experiences. Traditionally, this is done by writing in a book or some equivalent, however, as technology is slowly taking over everything, I thought it would be better to write it all online. I'm hoping to establish someone as our troop historian who will write on the blog as well as assign a rotation with everyone in the troop to divide the work as well as get different perspectives and writing styles.

Essentially, getting down to the root of this post, we are making history and I am extremely happy with the way we are doing it. I look forward to keep soaring high with all of you, and paving the way for more girls before us.

I really want to have like a cool sign off thing, but I can't think of one so this sarcastic sentence is what y'all are getting.

Alexia Tzortzis

Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 402

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