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Whitewater Rafting 10/13/19

WOW! How fun was that!

We had an amazing weekend rafting. The weather was beautiful, the night sky was clear, crisp and loaded with stars, the sound of the river next to our campsite was magical along with all the conversations amongst us adults, as we enjoyed the wonderful amazing dinner prepared by Mrs Wong and Mrs Markey. Thank you for all your work in preparing an amazing warm delicious meal for us.

As for the scouts, we heard the laughter float through the trees to our campsite with an occasional sighting of smiles pass by on their way to their campfire.

The girls were amazing ❤️ setting up tents, picking out their own campsites, working as a team to prepare dinners and clean up. To wind up the evening they took turns telling stories around the campfire and roasting marshmellows. It was a great way to end the day.

In the morning they were up bright, not so "bright", at 6am, cooking breakfast and breaking down tents in the anticipation for the rafting to begin. They were so efficient, organized and excited to make their way to the river. The giggles and laughter floated through the trees as an alarm clock for the adults to begin our day.... Can I say COFFEE!

The rafting was so much fun as we began with our merit badge session prior to leaving camp. Then outfitted in wetsuits and splash jackets, the girls loaded the bus to hit the river hard. Norm told me in the beginning that there were opportunities for the girls to jump in but with it being the end of the season we weren't sure how many would actually participate. Let's just say, we were shocked and the guides were so impressed with the adventurous spirits in our troop!

Within minutes the some of the girls were floating past us adults in the boats, some with the shock of the cold of their faces, but all ending with smiles of being able to do something that stretched their comfort zone and feeling accomplished and confident in their choices.

The river was comfortably exciting for all and the anticipation of the next rapid and the next opportunity to swim was constantly written in the smiles on their faces.

By the end of the trip I think almost everyone was a swimmer, and everyone, whether they chose to stay in the boat or decided to take the leap, were having so much fun.

I want to thank each and every parent that came with us to help carpool the girls and to spend time with them and to see how wonderful and amazing all of your girls are in our troop. I aIso want to thank all of the wonderful thoughtful scouts for an amazing birthday song. Truly warmed my heart and was the best birthday present I could have received. Thank you.

I also can't say thank you enough Laurel Penney and all of her work to make this huge event such a success. This was a big event with 40 participants, to organize, and on top of that the added opportunity challenge of the power outage. Trying to "be prepared" with the uncertainties was quite a feet. So thank you again! To all the parents that joined us and helped to make the event such a success. Without you and all your help the event wouldn't have been possible! Thank you for your support as always. You all make the difference for the girls to enjoy all these opportunities!

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