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We would like to personally thank you for donating to our troop.  We are a non profit organization doing our best to implement the BSA program and offer opportunities for these girls to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.  

Our girls are enjoying developing their basic scouting skills, leadership, many outdoor activities, summer camps and our troop ceremonies celebrating their achievements. 


Thank you so much for all that you have given to allow the success of our program to continue to inspire these future leaders.

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Our tents are essential to our outdoor activity experiences for the girls.  They are in charge of setting up their own campsites.  The tents we purchase are all uniform for maintenance and use for the scouts.

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Dutch Ovens, Stoves and Fuel


The Backpacking stoves and fuel we purchase provide a consistent teaching platform and use for all the girls to use for ease of interchangeability, parts and consistency. Each patrol is responsible for cooking their own food. The bonding and experience they get from this opportunity is always memorable.  

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Kitchen Essentials


Want to help equip the patrols with their basic kitchen essentials this donation helps to provide a kitchen set up of pots, frying pans, and necessary cooking utensils.

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Back Country Trek Equipment

 Our flagship activity event for the girls is our "BCT" event in August where the girls hike between 30-50 miles depending on where we adventure.  This event is life changing for them, not only in unforgettable memories but also the leadership development and confidence it gives to all that participate. 

With every donation it helps to provide equipment necessary to stay off the grid for a week, bear cans, water filtration, resupply for food, and necessary equipment.

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We believe that scouting does not have a price and that all should be able to participate.  It is important for our troop to provide an opportunity to all scouts.  Some are not able to provide basic personal gear and we would like to establish a lending library of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, hiking boots, and funds to offer summer camp fees.  We would like to thank you for helping a scout in her Scouting journey and adventure.

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Thank you so much for your consideration to help our troop operations.  Your donation is greatly appreciated to help our troop create and manage the opportunities for the girls to develop, explore and enjoy the BSA Scouting Program

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