Wreath Sales

Thank you for helping us with our fundraiser.  We have found that in selling wreaths the profits that we can make will pay for the troops activities, ceremonies and events for the entire year.  


The funds that you raise help to pay for equipment, ceremonies, campouts, permits, scholarship funds, and facilities.  It takes a lot to run a scout troop and with your help in raising funds it will provide opportunities that we wouldn't have otherwise.

Troop 402



Thank you for purchasing a wreath from Troop 402G BSA Scouts of America.  It's that time of year where we are helping to support our Troop with the funding we need to experience life changing moments such as back country hiking through the Sierra Mountains. Experiences like this and many others in the scouting program help to build our confidence, love of the outdoors, give us leadership opportunities, and along the way create many happy memories that we will never forget.

This year we are supporting two local charity organizations. Please consider purchasing a wreath for one of these organizations and help a local family to receive some Holiday Cheer.


Our once a year fundraiser helps to support our troop for the entire year.  Your contribution will pay for equipment, activities, ceremonies, and start a scholarship fund for scouts in our troop that are not able to afford their scouting experience. Scouting is many things, but ultimately it is a promise to youth. That promise does not have a price tag.  We are proud that we make scouting an opportunity for all to experience.


Our Christmas Wreaths come straight out of the Oregon forest and into your homes, they smell great, look great, and are for a good cause, we even add a handmade bow just so you know that your product was made with care. Some of you have purchased wreaths from us last year, thank you!  We are trying to offer an opportunity to still get the same quality wreath delivered to you with minimal contact. 


The Wreaths are $30 dollars, 22" in Diameter and will be delivered on your date of choice between 11/21 - 12/6.  These wreaths also make great gifts for the holidays for friends and family.  This year we are also trying to connect with organizations to allow for us to donate our wreaths.


Please help us support our troop and spread some Christmas Cheer to your home or another.


Heather Tzortzis

Scoutmaster, Troop 402

Wreath Pre-Order Form
Delivery Details

Thank you for placing your wreath order. If you would like to pay via PayPal please go to the step below. We thank you for your order and supporting BSA Troop 402.

To pay for multiple wreaths via PayPal you will need to go through the process for the amount of wreaths you are purchasing.  I am in the process of developing the site and I can not figure out how to select more than one wreath as a quantity. 

PayPal charges a small processing convenience fee of $1.60 per wreath.  If you would rather not pay the convenience fee, you can still pay by check/cash upon delivery.
                                                 Thank you again for your support.